Misery Pigeon

The Border Guards End


Part 2 of 2. For part one, click here

On this night the leaders of Fad and Mar met in the old capitol of Jun in the middle of the  Fines Desert, the neutral zone. The government of Mar had invented a machine that would create a completely self sufficient farm. During that period of time Fad had come across a mine filled with the materials needed to power this machine. Each side decided that a truce should be made that would re-establish Fadmar as a unified nation. And so, after many hours of argument, everyone agreed, God had no genitals.

Each side sent out a homing pigeon to the booths on either side of the border informing them of the truce and ordering them to make amends.

Each note read:

“The war is over, make amends, return home.”

It took an entire day until the Homing Pigeons arrived at the booths. It was dusk and Mok and Flum were in their respective positions of worship. The first pigeon landed on the head of Mok while he prayed from his roof. He quickly unhooked the message and shooed the pigeon away before Flum looked up.

He jumped down, went inside, reset the trip wire and closed the window.

Flum then felt the second pigeon land on the back of his head. He quickly removed the message and ran into his booth, reset the string on the axe and closed the window.

Unfortunately, Homing Pigeons are color blind. Each man opened the other’s message.

Mok, believing he had intercepted a message for Flum attempted to decode the message. The word for “Over” in Flum’s language was the same as ‘death’ in Mok’s.  Believing this to be an order for his own demise, he grabbed his knife and began to plot.

Flum, believing he intercepted a message meant for Mok, attempted to decode it.  A similar miscommunication occurred. He grabbed his knife and began to plot.

It began to storm as night was reaching its darkest point. Both men snuck out of their booths and crossed the wall, not noticing the other through the dark and deafening downpour. Each crawled into the others window and felt the bed, finding the other gone. Both men assumed the other was onto their plan.

Mok saw the axe tied to the ceiling of Flum’s booth. He retied the string to the door, just in case Flum returned, then left through the window.

Flum, realizing Mok had departed, saw the trip wire at the door. He decided to reset the trap in case Mok returned and left through the window.

As they passed each other in the dark, their hands brushed. Mok panicked, tried to run, and slipped, knocking his head on the wall and falling face first into the mud.

Flum, hearing Mok’s cry, turned, his knife held high, ready to strike. At that moment a bolt of lightening came out of the sky hitting the point of the blade and stopping Flum’s heart. He fell onto the unconscious body Mok, forcing his face deeper into mud.



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