Misery Pigeon

21 replies to “It Started With an Inch

  1. an excellent horror bed-time-Story! Like the nightmares where you want to run away but your feet stick to the floor, or you have to dial a phone number and you always type the last number incorrectly …. what makes him smaller and smaller?..the bad news or the fact how he bypassed with the bad news? Or has it nothing at all to do with the news, but is the normal course of life? people grow physically and spiritually, and at some time they become less and less … and if they do not become like children, they will not enter the kingdom of God ? The illustration goes at least in this direction.

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    1. I wasn’t really sure about what makes the character grow smaller but it’s mostly centered around the fact that news and media being so accessible makes individuals much much smaller these days.

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      1. Certainly not. I teach a lot of kids and it always amazes me how much they know about the world and all of the things they think about that I wouldn’t have dreamed of at their age. Always connected and seeing everything. It’s strange. I remember I had a giant rock in the woods behind my house. That was pretty much it, and it wasn’t for posing for instagram shots. It was a f*cking pirate ship haha

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  2. I got cracked up by “I’ve been having to write this by hopping from one key to another” and then “I am going to take a nap on the mouse pad.” My imaginations got tickled. I only hope it wont get worse!

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