Misery Pigeon

New Stories Coming to Flash-365

Hi Folks!

What’s going on?

Flash-365 is back (kinda).


On Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, Flash…104. (Right? Math.)

What kind of stories will you write?

As you might’ve guessed from the name of the site: Flash Fiction.

What is flash fiction?

A story that is long enough to read through a solid poop, but not so long your legs will go numb by the time you’ve finished.

I’m new. What’s going on?

Flash-365 was a collaborative project between Benjamin Davis and Nikita Klimov. Ben wrote a story every day. Nikita drew a picture.

It finished in 2018 but Ben is going to start writing here again.

Cool. Why?

It makes him happy. He deserves happiness. And bread. He also deserves bread.



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