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  1. Hmm, yes, it seems that the comments are almost as weird as the writing on here.
    I quite enjoyed some of your Christmas series, fairly entertaining, if occasionally somewhat self-aware.
    I suspect that everyone here is between 100 and 125 years younger than I am, so I will be unoffended if you totally ignore my opinion.
    I might send one of my alter egos to visit you, that might be fun.

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    1. I appreciate anyone who is giving up part of their day to give us a shot at entertaining them. That is really our ultimate goal. That and entertaining ourselves.
      This started because I wanted to practice this year and decided to write a story every day. A friend encouraged me to make a blog to keep me on track even though I barely understand emailing. Then my friend drew for a few of the stories and it fit so well that he decided to draw everyday.
      So everyday I send him a story and he draws it and then we post.
      My point is that we started this in order to improve ourselves and so the opinions and critiques we get are important to us. Even from alter egos and old folks.

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      1. Excellent response, sir!
        I am impressed that you don’t take any of this too seriously, my opinion is just an opinion, with no particular validity.
        Writing improves with practice, so this is the only worthwhile advice you can get just now.
        Keep writing.
        Oh, and enjoy yourselves.
        Good luck.

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  2. Great concept to keep the creativity flowing – 1 story per day per year. Inspiring! I have a mind to actualize that for poetry. Bravo and thanks for the follow. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks. We always try to make sure everything is quality before we post. Since it is every day I’m sure a few duds have slipped through the cracks but we will try to keep getting better and better.

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  3. I see that Ben, Nikita and Sasha have handed me this enticing stuff here, crammed into a plastic bottle labelled ‘cranberry juice’, which is, as everyone knows, the means of deception.

    I don’t regret falling for it one bit.

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  4. I’m an 81-year old eclectic ex-prison psychologist , survivor, mother of an adorable Downs daughter, public access tv producer who’s delighted to have stumbled across your enjoyable site. But what do you do for a living? I can’t figure out how you find the time to be so consistently motivated and creative. Your blog may give me permission to loosen up and enjoy myself more on my site. Please come see me.

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    1. Hi Nan. I’m glad you found us. So I work as a freelance editor and tutor. Nikita (the artist) works as a freelance web-designer. So, we have a fair bit of free time. Honestly, when we started we had a lot more free time but now we simply refuse to give up. I generally will find time to write for 1-3 hours a day. (more on weekends.) and then I sent the story to Nikita and he does all of these pieces of art in 30 minutes to an hour. We have gotten into a pretty good rhythm. We live together and so we keep each other pushing onward. As for how I have inspiration and motivation…I’m honestly not sure. I’ve been writing for ten years but nothing I was too happy with. Then, before coming to Russia, I lived in Korea for a few years. While I was there I couldn’t write. So maybe I was just recharging and filling myself with energy and when I stepped foot in Russia I just let go and started writing a lot. I get inspired by a lot of things here. But also people have been very encouraging. When people comment and tell me what they think of my work it really motivates me. I just think “well shit, I can’t let these people down.” So, I am determined. We have four months to go in our challenge and I’ll be damned if we fail now. Whew…sorry for the long winded response. Thank you for checking out our work. I enjoyed the introduction to your page and will be sure to check out more. If you have a recommendation on where to start, I’d appreciate it.

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      1. thanks for all the explanations. I’m sorry I still do not understand what Sasha is doing for you. You write, Nikita paints and at the beginning you write Sasha writes and paints for you?

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      2. haha sasha doesn’t exist. It is a made up story that was a joke between nikita and I. If you read the ‘about’ where it has the story of how nikita and I met (not really) but it explains where sasha comes from.

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      3. Hahaha, I thought it was the other way around. You were actually falling out of the plane, directly on Nikita (she was not on the plane but on Russian soil). You have paid Sasha with your compensation, who writes and draws for you. So Ben and Nikita would be characters and the creator is Sascha …. this version I find frankly better !!!!! Sorry!


  5. A story with a picture a day – you’re dedicated! As to twitter – I tweet, but I’m convinced half the traffic on Twitter is one piece of software talking to another piece of software. Maybe more than half. Are there poeple out there? Or will we be the last lonely humans whispering into the ether?

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    1. Haha oh good. I am glad I am not the only one startled and suspicious of that whole process. And yeah, we are pretty dedicated. At least until our challenge ends in October.


  6. Hi, thanks so much for taking time to visit & follow my blog – mainly because it led me to yours! I can’t tell you how much I love this and am excited to show it to my daughter who loves art….she has a great instagram account but tells me that everything on it is awful!! So self critical. Anyway your dedication to write, draw and post daily is inspiring …makes me feel I must be more organised with my own posts! Great to connect, Claire x

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      1. Haha. Actually I’ve already noticed her. She started following us and I looked at her work. You’re right she is very talented. I was impressed


  7. hey dynamic duo – glad to be following along (since much earlier this year) and looks like the 365 days is almost up… well not quite yet – but close – and best wishes as you both continue this fun project.

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